Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts in 2024, Inspired by Grace Loves Lace

Meet Grace Loves Lace, an Australian bridal brand founded in Australia back in 2010. Known for crafting unique and sustainable products tailored to the modern bride, we spoke with the brand to gather all the best bridesmaid proposal gift trends for 2024. 

If you've recently said ‘yes’ to the dress, finding the perfect gift to go along with your bridesmaid proposal is one of the most enjoyable tasks of preparing for your wedding! 

It’s your chance to infuse your DIY touches with a lot of creativity! We’ve prepared the perfect guide to cater to the bride who wants her bridal party to remember the experience. 

A bridesmaid Proposal Box Set 

Offering a gift that your bridesmaids will use during your wedding and beyond is a no-brainer! 

We love the box set concept as it can be fully personalised and accommodates all budgets. Not only does it show how much you value your bridesmaids' presence, but it can also showcase your strong bond as friends! 

We love a personalised touch, such as having the name of the bridesmaid on top of the gift box. You may elevate your idea with sweets, dried flowers, or perhaps some confetti. The rest is up to you! Just don't forget to have fun! Some cool ideas may include: 

  • Their favourite lipstick or skin care product 
  • A custom scented candle 
  • A pendant or a necklace  
  • A heartfelt letter to express how important your friendship is to you and how having them as a bridesmaid will contribute to making your special day amazing 
  • Beautiful Eye Masks   
  • Chocolates or sweets 
  • Flower petals inside the box 


1. Maggie Pyajama Set - Paisley 2. Marlon Long Set - Stripe Blue 3. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle 4. Piyama Eye Masks 5. Bridesmaid Proposal Card - Etsy 6. Nicolette Set - Lotus Flower Blue 7. Lounge Set - Jungle Palm 8. Sophie Set - Pants - Cotton Modal - White 9. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

A Piyama Set 

Can we really talk about gifts without mentioning the bachelor party?  

Whether you've decided to dance the night away or simply planned a quiet night to unwind and relax with some wine, a pyjama set is the sweetest way to ensure they get an amazing sleep before your special day.  

Not only is it a timeless idea, but it also comes in a variety of colours and fabrics to cater to different styles and weather conditions. Additionally, the lengths of the pyjamas you choose may provide hints about the location of your wedding! Feel free to include some clues along with your gift. 

If you fancy a proposal gift box, just complete your set with a small bottle of Moet or their favourite wine label. Such a cozy way to celebrate together once they've said 'yes'. 

Photographed our Lydia Set - Lyocell Linen & Nicolette Set - Lotus Flower

A Robe Set 

Your bridesmaids want to feel flattered, but they also want to be comfortable while doing so. For a “get ready” photoshoot with your bridal squad, ensure your ladies feel confident from head to toe.   

We recommend blending comfort and style with one of the signature short kimono robes. The beauty of the robe set lies in the variety of designs and fabrics. From there, your options are endless. You may opt for a personalised design that aligns with each bridesmaid's personality or simply go for a mix and match approach!   

Left to right 1. Short Kimono Robe - Paisley 2. Alice Kimono Robe - Long - Jungle Palm in Bellini 2. Short Kimono Robe - Bloom

Saying Yes to the Bridesmaid Gown with a Proposal 

 While this may seem like an obvious one, asking your ladies to become your official bridesmaids involves selecting the bridesmaid attire. If you have a specific vision in mind and would love to create a cohesive look, don’t forget to discuss these options with them.

It’s no secret that finding the right dress can be challenging! Not only do we all have different body shapes, but our personal styles also vary. If your friends have diverse tastes, Grace Loves Lace advises organising a bridesmaid rendezvous to discuss gown options. Dress shopping with your bridal squad should be filled with positive vibes, not become a painful process. 

Alongside a small bridesmaid gift box, some brides choose to include a gift card at their chosen bridal designer so the bridesmaid can choose the dress of their style without compromising the wedding theme. For example, if you were to wear a bohemian wedding dress, opting for a bridesmaid dress from the same designer not only helps you maintain a cohesive look but also provides plenty of options and styles for your bridesmaids to choose from. 

If your bridesmaids are financing their own dresses, discussing your expectations with them will make the process much nicer. When discussing the bridesmaid gown topic, it’s important to tie everyone’s expectations together. 

There is truly no better way to ensure everyone is happy than by hosting a bridesmaid proposal for the gown! If you are feeling a little nervous, bring along some scones, fresh pastries, teas or a bottle of champagne. Set the tone for the celebration and for them to stand alongside you and say, 'I do’. 


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Florence Sleep Set - Cotton - Floret Blue
$139.00 AUD
Florence Sleep Set - Cotton Modal - Midnight
$139.00 AUD
Claire Sleep Set - Long - Cotton - Gingham Berry
$139.00 AUD
Maggie Pyjama Set - Long - Wild Flower
$119.00 AUD
Marlon Long Sleep Set - Rattan - Raspberry
$109.00 AUD
Penelope Lounge Dress - Cotton - Floret Blue
$119.00 AUD